West Coast Kooks

Where to start. If there was a the list of things you should probably look at before making a spontaneous surf trip down the coast…we should have looked at it.


It’s pretty simple. Surfs good, the forecast is only looking better and you have the week off. Everything is lining up as nicely as the strict teachers class before school starts. First paddle down the coast was decent, with only a few other weekday punters to join us. Following the surf we capped it off with quite possibly the best burger on the whole coast, maybe even all of regional Victoria(yeah yeah I went there). When the menu says, burgers, beers and beats and the place is oozing with juicy goodness, it’s hard not to get happy about it. I like my burgers too. If your wondering who and where, it’s called Bottle of Milk in Torquay, it’s worth every penny. Even choosing a campsite afterwards was like pinning a tail on the elephant. Piece of cake.

Now. This is where we unintentionally called upon our inner kook. Firstly, it had nothing to do with forgetting something major from home but… remember to check the size of tides before you realise you can’t make the walk along the cliffs to the surf. Nothing like suiting up at the campsite and returning dry except for your legs from the failed attempt. Slight brain fade. But that was okay until we went food shopping. I managed to walk around the whole supermarket carrying an empty basket while my mate struggled to hold all the food. Bought ice and hugged it all the way back to camp due to a poorly designed bag only to realise there was heaps at the campsite. Forgot cooking utensils. Oil. Things to eat on. A table to eat at (not vital but still it would have made life easier). Paper towel or any sort of cleaning devices. A torch that doesn’t go flat. No point bringing a super dooper one, even going on to brag about it, then having it sit there as an ornament. Guide ropes for a tent that couldn’t stand in a 10 knot wind would have helped to. Luckily the weather was cooperating for the first few nights. Oh and on a side note I also split my pants, then realized… should take more than one f**king pair of pants next time. Winter in Victoria is cold too, bring some warm clothes. Surprisingly we managed to do that. Go us.

Besides that, we brought an open mind, an eagerness to explore and surf different waves. And Beer. If you are to take anything from this, bring beer. As I am writing this now, nothing is better than cracking one at the end of the day and sharing some banter of the turns you think you did.

So there you have it, embrace your inner kook.

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