DIY ~ Starting with nothing and ending with something

There comes a time when the lame posters, the toys, the stupid photos of school camps and everything else you had in your room from primary and secondary school just have to go. Generally it’s well overdue and when that time comes your pretty guaranteed on having no money to buy anything fantastic, or your just spending it on good times and don’t want to blow your hard-earned savings on something for your room. Well you don’t really have to..

Here are a few things that did not cost a cent (Okay… having a builder friend does help but even if you don’t. A few basic tools will do the trick). Our advice on creating a space where you want to live, learn and be inspired in, is simple. Make something that takes your mind to a place you want it to be in.

xxxxxxxxx  DIY Book Shelf  xxxxxxxxx

First up, a bookshelf. Not an ordinary bookshelf. But certainly nothing to fancy. All the materials used came from a scrap pile at a building site. The side planks were off an old pallet. The back is a literally chip board. The shelves were held in to the side and given more support if it needed it. Definitely not a builders job, but I tell you what, it will do the job mighty finely.

Progress shot. Nothing wrong with a splash of paint.

All that was done from here was a standard colour to cover up the rather shit palm tree and chip-board showing. This book shelf cost $12 bucks. All that was bought was a can of clear enamel to coat over the paint. The rest was found or we already had. Anyway, it may not be that great but you might just get inspired and go do something a hell of a lot better.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

<><><><> Head-Board Feature <><><><>

This bad boy was made from old fence palings. Attached to a simple frame. The throw was already mine and the vines were from an old shop display in a surf shop. The light was mentioned in an earlier post..Check light up your world for details. Anyway, kinda went for that industrial/retro/vintage/surfshopsteeze/tropical/woodland/desert/nativevibe… yeeeehhh.

Adding a bit of life ..or just a rather larger dream catcher to the room.

Adding a bit of life ..or just a rather larger dream catcher to the room.

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