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Its time to welcome you to Banks. A new brand, based out of the US, who have just been launching in Australian stores over the last month. Founded by Tim Cochrane; former director of product at Hurley Australasia, Masahiro Shibahara; owner of Tokyo Distribution Company Jamgle Jam; and Brad Gerlach, former world tour surfer known for being a style master out in the water.

Chris Del Moro. Style that is reflected in their surfing. Photo: Banks.

Chris Del Moro. Style that is reflected from their surfing. Photo: Banks.

So here’s what we like about Banks. Its vision, it’s simple and focuses on three things we like to see. Style. It’s basic, nothing overly branded and pays attention to the fine details. Secondly, Functionality. The quality of their garments isn’t compromised, it’s made to last in the places we explore. Tim Cochrane has played a vital role in bringing us the award winning Hurley Phantom Board short, so it will be exciting to see what great things are to come from his input at Banks. Lastly, Sustainability. Businesses in the surf industry should be all leading the way in this area. But when times get tough, businesses are still seeming to push aside what matters for the environment and how we leave our footprint on the planet. Well, Banks may just be a breath of fresh air, with a focus on minimising each aspect of their business from using organic cottons in their t-shirts, to recycled polyester in their board shorts.

You’ll expect to see banks in smaller retailers, with an approach that won’t be focusing on mass market. The Selvedge Yard Agencies (TSYA) are bringing the brand to us, so be sure to check out their Instagram for product news, stockists and releases. Also if you’re in Byron Bay, say hi to the legends at the drift lab and check out the range!

Peace, go make up your own mind at

Peace, go make up your own mind at Photo: from Banks.


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